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Energy Efficient Space Heaters

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Everyone prefers a different temperature. This is often dependant on age. The older generation need more heat in the winter season, and this drives up the energy bill, and can be a concern for someone living on retirement. Energy efficient space heaters offer a solution. Instead of heating up an entire house, space heaters only heat one area thus cutting down on the cost of heating spaces that are not being used.

Electric resistance heaters are 100 percent energy efficient space heaters, as they lose no heat through ducts or ignition. Modern styles of electric space heaters have a thermostat that monitors temperature and turns the unit on and off to avoid over heating and preserves the optimum level of warmth. Although they are more efficient in the speed and concentration of heat production, it is still far more expensive to heat an entire house with an ensemble of electric heaters that a gas furnace. They are most cost effective for a property when other heating systems are off or kept at cooler temperatures.

The United States Department of Energy states that the most energy efficient space heater is one that heats a liquid, such as oil. Oil-filled space heaters heat oil rather than burning it, so the fuel is conserved and the electricity is kept to a minimum. The heated oil is circulated through the radiator and has a great ability to store the heat, reducing electricity that other models would use in cycling on and off.

There has been a trend of homemade energy efficient space heaters. These use solar technology. The heater is place outside so it can capture sunlight. Generally they consist of solar panels but some are a cruder construction of aluminium cans and black paint. The cans are painted black and holes are pierced and then connected in a frame so that air travels through them. As cold air moves through the cans it is heated and the desired room is heated. Although this is a very energy efficient space heater, it is a passive one, and this method offers no temperature control or an on/off switch.

Energy efficient space heaters are great for adding additional heating or when the main source of heating is inadequate. They will heat up a home or office space quickly and quietly without overheating, giving you a constant desired temperatures.

But to get the best energy efficiency of your space heater it is important to optimize the environment in which you use it. Insulation in the home can contain the heat and keep room temperatures at a higher natural level. If adding a whole new set of energy efficient windows is not practical, weather-stripping all your windows is great for reducing drafts and keeping heat from leaking out. There are also cheaper alternatives such as shrink-film insulation kits. These are simply attached to the frames of your window and then tightened with the aid of a hairdryer. A very simple and cost-effective way to insulate your home. The added advantage is that they can be removed in summer, when you want to let the cool air in.

Before you purchase an energy efficient space heater, be sure to check for UL (Underwriters Laboratories) certification. This ensures that your unit will meet the necessary performance and safety standards. Keeping you warm and safe in the long, cold winter months.