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Energy Efficient Freezers

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A freezer is constantly on, constantly using electricity. It has to be to keep your food frozen and your ice cream firm. Great advances have been made in making your freezer more energy efficient. Compared to units that were made 10 years ago, recent models are far more energy efficient. But even with the most energy efficient freezer, there are still steps that can be taken to prevent energy loss.

It is important that you manually defrost your freezer whenever the frost builds up to a quarter of an inch. Any build-up of frost is going to decrease the efficiency of your freezer. If the freezer seems to be gathering much more frost or needs defrosting more than once every two months, then it is important to check the seal of the door.

It is important to have a good quality seal on the door. The seal of the gasket keeps the cold contained, and minimizes energy use. It is also good advice look for a new freezer with a heavy door and quality hinges.

Keeping your freezer in a cool area will also improve its efficiency. The hotter the area, the harder the freezer will have to work to keep the temperature low. A difference of five degrees in temperature can make 20% difference with energy consumption.

New energy efficient freezers have a digital thermostat that gives more precise control over the average temperature of the freezer, which should always be at 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Another improvement of energy efficient freezers over older models is their ability to regulate their internal climate. They turn on and off as needed, and consume far less energy than constantly running old units.