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Welcome to We aim to enable you to make the right informed choices for your home and for the environment. In the pages of this site you will find the latest products and information relating to energy efficiency, from large appliances to the humble light bulb.

Even our smallest products can make a big difference. A Compact Florescent Light (CFL) will use roughly 75% less energy than the standard light blubs that are in most homes. The standard incandescent bulb only uses five to eight percent of its energy to produce light and the rest is wasted heat.

If every home in America switched just one of their existing blubs with our energy efficient CFL’s, it would reduce the same amount of emissions that are produced by one million cars.

We understand that most homes already have appliances that they presume are functioning perfectly fine, but if you have an appliance in your home that is a 1990’s model or older, you could be using three times as much energy as new efficient appliances. Upgrading your appliances will amount to lower utility bills for you and less drain on world resources.

We have the consummate range of appliances for energy efficiency.

To encourage the switch, many states are offering rebates to recycle and remove your older models. Recycling with these programs will ensure that 95 percent of the components of your old appliances will be reused and the toxins and gases that they contain will be disposed of safely.

Rebates and tax credits are also available for the purchase of energy efficient products. Each state has its own eligibility criteria and we are here to help you find out exactly what is available to you in your area.

We will also assist you to better insulate your home. Amazing innovations with energy efficient windows can prevent the astonishing 30% of energy a home loses through its windows. New design not only dramatically reduce heating and cooling costs, they also improve impact-resistance and sound-reduction and the durable designs are built to last.

Space heaters can reduce your energy waste as well. Our energy efficient space heaters are perfect for adding heat to specific areas instead of wasting heat on an entire home. There are many different types of efficient space heaters available and we will guide you to the most efficient models.

Your decisions can make a difference. Address the issues of energy waste in your home and you will be surprised the difference even the smallest of changes can make. We are here to help you with the products and knowledge that can transform your home into the energy efficient haven it deserves to be.